RF Barcode Scanner

An RF barcode scanner is essential to many businesses. A cordless barcode scanner uses RF (radio frequency) like the frequencies used by cordless phones, to send scanned information back to the base computer. These scanners come with a long battery life and large, reliable range. If you are dealing with shipping or receiving operations, a cable might limit access to packages which need to be scanned or the cable could even get damaged, which is what makes RF barcode scanners so handy.

Different companies make different RF barcode scanners but what all these machines have in common is that they are easy to use, can usually scan well even for heavy or bulky items and they have long battery lives between recharging.

Telescan 2 RF Barcode Scanner

This barcode scanner from SB Electronic Systems has two way communication, an ergonomic design, online data capture, real time data update, USB, LAN or RS232 options and a natural scanning position. This model is also networkable in case you need to increase the transmission range.

The Telescan 2 RF barcode scanner comes in a batch (offline) version and an RF (online) version. The RF version of this barcode scanner means that you can roam freely and still be able to communicate directly with the source software. The fact that communication is two way means that you can send information to the PC and the scanner can also receive information back.

This scanner allows the laser beam to be triggered from the side of the machine so wrist movement is minimal. There is a real time clock, alpha-numeric keypad, fast-charging NICAD batteries and sealed keypad buttons to make using the Telescan 2 a great experience.

Symbol DS 3478 Scanner

Symbol is another great company known for making top quality cordless barcode scanners and the Symbol DS 3478 is a high performance piece of equipment. This scanner uses digital imaging technology to capture barcodes. Omni-directional scanning lets you capture symbols from any angle and the cordless feature means you can scan things in awkward positions and you do not have a cable in the way to worry about.

Voyager MS 9535BT Bluetooth Scanner

This cordless barcode scanner uses Bluetooth technology to give cable-free scanning. This Voyager barcode scanner offers up to fourteen thousand scans per battery charge and a thirty three foot working range. You can easily program this scanner using barcodes or Windows software and you can mount the recharge station on a countertop or wall for ease of use.

This is a lightweight, comfortable scanner which is simple to use. You can transfer scanned data back to the computer at the touch of a button and the brightly lit display is easy to see. You can scan heavy or bulky products easily with this RF barcode scanner and whether your business is a supermarket, light warehouse, manufacturer, retailer or something else, this is one of the best RF scanners.

Alternatively, it might be possible to get a second hand used RF barcode reader. These are often sold by businesses that have closed down and you might be able to pick yourself up a bargain. When buying a used RF barcode scanner, make sure it comes with all the necessary documentation and instruction manuals.

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